Lsass Exe Error

LSASS stands for Local Security Authority Subsystem Service. It is a process used in multiple Windows operating systems and is responsible for enforcing certain security policies within the operating system. Since it is a Windows operating system process, you should NEVER delete or disable the process on your own. In fact, the tiniest tweaks and changes in any of the Window’s processes, like lsass.exe, could possibly result in extensive damage to your computer. Even the most experienced computer users don’t want to try to correct errors such as these on their own.

So what exactly does lsass.exe do? Well, just like most Windows processes, it does a lot of background work – meaning a lot of processes you probably don’t notice going on. Some of the processes lsass.exe handles that you may have noticed would be when a user logs on to a Windows computer or when a user changes their Window’s password. The rest of the processes, like writing to the Window’s Security Log, you’ll never notice going on. Since lsass.exe manages user logins, it is a common target for infection by various viruses and malware programs.

Now you know about the processes lsass.exe handles, but what about the errors because of it? A lot of errors are caused by viruses or malware, and other errors because of corrupt Windows installation files. If the problem is left alone for too long, you will not be able to use your computer at all. There are many “tutorials” online that claim to teach you how to try and correct the program yourself, but none of these methods are recommended. Because of the secure processes, the lsass.exe error is difficult to correct without corrupting your system even worse in the process.

Problems like this need professional help, which can be done one of two ways. The more expensive way would be to take the computer to a local PC repair shop and have them fix the problem. This could take several weeks depending on the store you take it to. The second and more cost efficient way to fix the problem would be to purchase reliable software to put on the computer and fix the problem for you. Many reputable software companies will allow you to pay for the software online and download instantly, making it not only the cheapest but also the fastest method.

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