Improving Video Editing Skills – 2 Shockingly Simple Tricks To Edit Video Like A Pro!

Are you struggling to perform more efficiently in the video editing arena? Well ask me.

I have also been where you currently are. I understand how bugging it can be to sit gazing at your monitor fighting with a video, in hopes of (magically) enhance it.

Here’s my story. I am a tech blogger, and that alone requires me to do a lot of videos. And when I talk videos, I mean professional looking videos.

I used to struggle for hours mingling from one software to another, and ending up with a much more messy video every time. That got me thinking, “What was wrong?”.

After a lot of (thoughtful) thinking, and observatory experiments, I stumbled upon these two tricks that improved my video editing workflow substantially.

What are these two tricks? Let’s review each of theme one by one.

1. Get Organized – One of the most simple, yet effective way to optimize your workflow is to get organized. You might be having a lot of video footage, images, titles, raw data, music etc. What you need to do is organize them in separate files or folders. Or even better option is to dedicate external storage devices for each of these. Next step is to assign readily identifiable names to the files. Remember, each minute you save for hunting these files, is a minute more to think creatively.

2. Disk Performance – Analyzing and improving your hard disk is yet another effective method for improving your video editing workflow. Disk defragmentation, checking disks for errors, uninstalling unnecessary programs, scanning the disks for virus/malware are just some of the ways to go about improving your disk.

These tricks are so simple, that you can start implementing them right now, and start seeing results you want.

But it doesn’t stop there.

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