Why Is an Ethical Hacking Course Important and Why You Should Learn It

Ethical Hacking is an inalienable part of the cybersecurity. The vast ever-increasing business activities of the organizations due to globalization raise security concerns to a large extent which if ignored may cause a huge loss in terms of a breach in the system hence data theft. Every prospering organization knows very well the importance of securing information. Certified ethical hackers thus bear great importance in this whole scenario.

What is Ethical Hacking?

We all know and have heard of hacking which is notorious in its nature. The malicious hackers breach the systems and exploit it. The same thing Ethical Hackers do but in a legitimate and lawful way for a constructive purpose where they search for vulnerabilities in the system and protect it from the potential attacks and threats. Ethical hackers ensure safety of information, help organizations by improving the system security

Why organizations need ethical hackers

There are persistent cyber-attacks that caused huge data loss and incurred great expenses’ aftermath to recover it. It was the EC-Council, a leading IT Organization in Cyber-security certification programs, for the very first time brought the concept of Ethical hacking in the wake of the terrorist attack of September 11. By now though with mixed responses, Ethical hacking has been accepted in the IT world for its greater utility in securing systems and network. Ethical hackers think the very way the malicious hacker does and stop unlawful activities by identifying threats and vulnerabilities.

Need of security professionals or better say certified ethical hackers is felt than ever before. Cyber threats keep ethical hackers on toes to protect the network and system effectively. No company can afford confidential data loss. Though the concept of Ethical hacking has come recently on the horizons, security concerns were already in place and the organizations merely were in the work of patching up. But now it has created urgency to control the breaches owing to the ever-increasing business of the organizations.

Ethical hackers, in this whole affair, can be a savior for the businesses. Ethical hackers help organizations in following way –

  • Safeguard systems thereby protect information from the attacks by building a foolproof computer system which prevents illegal access
  • Ethical hackers manage Preventive measures to avoid hacking threats
  • Create security awareness
  • Regular network testing for efficient defense periodically

Importance of CEH Certification Programme

Experience matters but the systematic knowledge of the tools and techniques is needed for the purpose. Certification programme – CEH-Certified Ethical Hacker makes you updated in the modern technology of the subject field. Ethical hacking, for instance, is the area of work where you must keep yourself updated with new technology, tools, and techniques. Malicious hackers devise new ways to breach and exploit the system thus you must be a step ahead of them, you must, as an ethical hacker, take preventive actions and protect the organization’s network and computer system. Getting training through an Ethical hacking certification programme helps you validate your skills and improve knowledge.

Nature of CEH certification programme

  • Exam Code: 312-50 (ECC Exam), 312 (VUE)
  • Who can appear for CEH certification: An IT professional with 2 years of experience in the field of information security is eligible for the course.
  • Exam Nature: A 4 hours long test will be conducted online. Multiple choice format question paper would contain 125 questions.
  • Delivery of Test: ECC Exam, VUE
  • Exam Cost: $100 Non-refundable Application Fee. $950 Exam Voucher.

Choosing the best IT training institute

No doubt the course is worth pursuing for greater returns in terms of career growth and remuneration for the related job profile, but choosing a right training institute bears huge importance. A quality training institute offers a great learning environment, dedicated team of trainers. You should be very apt in your decision of joining the training center for CEH Certification programme by EC-Council.

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