When the Husband Wants a Divorce But the Wife Doesn’t

I would say that this situation accurately describes many of the women who contact me. I often hear from the wives who still love their husbands and who don’t want a divorce. Unfortunately, the same can not always be said for the husbands. Typically, the husband wants a divorce and the wife doesn’t. Or, the husband doesn’t love the wife anymore, while the wife is adamant that she still loves him.

The wives in this situation often are looking for a strategy or a plan to change their husband’s mind about the divorce and to get him on board with saving the marriage. And they are often afraid that time is running out so that they’re willing to try almost anything that they think might have a chance at working. Unfortunately, this sense of urgency will often make them stoop to tactics that actually give them the opposite result. Often, they appear desperate or overbearing and this will typically only solidify the husband’s wanting a divorce or not loving them.

So, the following article is written for the wives whose husband want a divorce while they want to save the marriage. Most of what I ask you to consider may not be something that would be intuitive, but it’s my experience that these strategies have a better chance of working because they place the focus where it actually should be.

Understand That Your Sole Focus Should Not Be On His Wanting The Divorce: Many wives in this situation not only hyper focus, but they place their entire focus on one thing – the fact the their husband wants a divorce and that they must change his mind about this as soon as they possibly can. So, they pull out all the stops. They barrage their husbands with attention, questions, and their version of what will be their new and improved marriage.

The problem with this is that they are just sort of throwing potential solutions at the problem and praying that one of them sticks. They haven’t really analyzed what’s wrong, what their husband really wants or needs, or how they can improve the marriage or their husband’s perceptions of them. They’d rather just skip over these things and try to make him change his mind immediately.

I understand this because this was also my strategy. But I have to tell you that this tactic has a pretty low success rate for many reasons. One of the most persuasive is that husbands see what you are doing and they do not like to be manipulated. So actually, all this is doing is reinforcing their wanting a divorce even more quickly and with even more conviction.

Focus On The Relationship And On The Feelings (Rather Than On The Problems Or On Stopping The Divorce:) Often, after women try the “changing his mind strategy” and it doesn’t work, they’ll move on to the “fix our marital problems strategy.” In short, they’ll try to “talk out” or “work through” their marital problems hoping that if they can eliminate those road blocks, it will then be smooth sailing toward saving the marriage.

The problem though is that the husband is usually through with talking. And, it’s highly likely that “working through” your problems just sounds like “work” to him at this point. So, it’s doubtful that he’s going to be all that receptive and it’s probably not the best idea to focus on or draw his attention to your problems anyway.

It’s my experience that these things are best saved for after the marriage is back to being somewhat stable. To that end, you’re often much better off placing your focus on restoring some of the positive things about your relationship as well as the positive feelings between you. Sometimes, this is a gradual process which will take a series of small improvements and baby steps. You’re not expecting to fall madly in love again over night, but with the right plan, you can often expect to see some vast improvements that will build upon themselves over time. The idea is that at the end of this process, you’ll have a husband who would rather stay married to you than to divorce you (since he doesn’t want to loose the positive interactions and feelings that have been happening.)

Understand What Really Needs To Happen In Order For You To Change His Mind About The Divorce: Many women mistakenly think that their goal is really to change their husband’s mind through manipulation or force. They figure if they can keep coming at the husband with different methods, eventually one is going to stick when he eventually “gives in.” But this strategy likely either creates resentment or a husband who is even more determined to follow through with the divorce.

It’s so important to understand that what has to happen is that your husband has to come to realize that he’s better off with you than with out you. At the end of the day, he must determine that he would be happier staying in the marriage than leaving it. What does this mean? It means that in the days to come you must create an environment and interactions that are going to bring out positive rather than negative feelings. You must actively include him in the process so that he is an active participant rather than a reluctant witness.

You must use your knowledge of what and who he responds best to in order to create affectionate rather than alienating feelings. Yes, as you might suspect, this strategy relies upon small victories and gradual progress, but it’s also more likely to actually work for the long term so that when your husband does change his mind, he’s likely to legitimately be on board and be sincere about saving the marriage with you.

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