The Spiritual Meaning of Moths

Does seeing a moth mean something?

Even though it is common for moth symbolism to have similar concepts as that of butterflies, there are actually key differences in the behavior that tends to be overlooked. While a butterflies happen to be diurnal, meaning that they are active during the day online, moths happen to be nocturnal creatures. When it comes from a philosophical perspective the difference is often significant. The butterflies will often symbolize a more expressive notion, the nocturnal state of the moth has a symbolization of more indirect and responsive energies.

We will review some of the most common examples of the moth symbolism, which happens to be compiled from various studies and texts.


We happen to all be aware of the attraction that a moth has to light, and I am sure that at some point or another we have had one crash into our table lamp or into a fluorescent tube. So, what actually causes this?

Even though there are unknown reasons, one of the most common hypothesis is that moths use a technique that is called transverse orientation. This is a celestial navigation technique that will have something following the stars, moon, sun, etc., in which a moth looks to maintain having a constant angular relationship with the bright lights in the sky. Once you add artificial lights into the mix, a moth will become fixated. Vulnerability is normally associated with the moth’s obsession with light that will leave them open to predators. The moth will automatically plummet towards the light, and not care to be careful or vigilant.

Moths and Faith

Heading towards the light has plenty of connotations for religion, and it tends to be quite unsurprising that moths will often symbolize blind faith or faith.

Moths never questions their path towards the light and will continue to keep doing it with determination. This is often in the face of various dangers which include exhaustion and predators.

Just as most humans do, the moth has a belief throughout its whole existence and keeps completely focused on its purpose, even in the face of danger.

Physical Attraction

Still being able to touch on the celestial navigation techniques of the moth. Where a moth is believed to be physically attracted to light. Sensuality has become the close relative of physical attraction, which has led to this unusual example of moth meanings as moths have become at the whim of the seduction of light.


For creatures that have charm, it is very hard to fully comprehend that in most cultures a moth is a symbol of death across the world. Take for example, a moth landing on a newborn child has been considered a sign of imminent death for most European cultures.

There is a moth called The Death’s Head Hawkmoth that is normally associated with the theme of death due to the unique skull-like patterns that are on its thorax. This has been very popular in some works within the last century such as The Silence of the Lambs.


A moth is often known as master of disguise among the animal kingdom, the moth is able to camouflage itself and hide from predators which has been admired through the years.

This is seen as a version of adaptation, in which we must learn to use in our environment, both physical and psychological, to be able to use them to our advantage, and adjust to fit in with the bigger picture when it is needed.

Divinity and Salvation

The metamorphosis of a moth will leave you in awe, and even though it has represented many different things in various cultures it is often seen to represent the stages in someone’s life.

Normally, we are often compared to a caterpillar, whose existence has been preparing them for a much greater purpose through transformation. This is often is visualized as the afterlife, as death can be considered the transformation of life.

Personal Growth

As we grow as people, we will often shed the unnecessary things that are hindering our existence. This allows us to be able to empower ourselves towards more fulfillment and happiness.

Moth symbolism is not to far from the concepts of transformation, giving that we all go through our own metamorphosis, like them in their own lives. The development into a full grown moth is similar to personal growth as we are able to shed our hindrances and move forward to a better state of living.

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