Zone Alarm – the Good the Bad & the Ugly

Zone Alarm is a free firewall program that also comes with advanced features for those who wish to opt for ...
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Avast Anti Theft Overview of a Must-Have Security App for Your Mobile Devices

Theft is probably the worst possible thing that can happen to your device. If someone steals your smartphone or tablet, ...
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Free Antivirus Software You Can Protect Yourself With

1-Amiti free Antivirus Amiti free Antivirus is a program that supports scanning and it has 4 different types of scanning, ...
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Why Is WordPress Security So Important?

Whether you have a WordPress website promoting your company products and services or a blog showing your writing capabilities, security ...
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Perfect Anonymity: Is It Possible to Achieve It?

Different needs and different threat models lead to misunderstanding between people. Let’s say you want to leave the most anonymous ...
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Kaspersky VPN Info – An Affordable, Reliable Secure Connection Solution for Consumers

A virtual private network gives internet users the opportunity to have a secure connection between a server and device, such ...
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Common Social Issues That Teens Face Today

Is PCCSA Certification Worth the Investment?
Have you ever looked at your teen and wondered if by some chance an unknown hostile being had suddenly taken ...
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How to Counter the Devastating Effects of Verbal Bullying

Words are real things – they can lift us up or pull us down.Verbal bullying is a means of using ...
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Why Do Viruses Slow Down Computers?

Most people have virus protection installed on their computers. This is a great thing! Many of the virus protection programs ...
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Latest Trends in Secure Data Storage Using Cloud Computing

With every new product that technology offers, one wonders if this is the limit of human intellect. The latest in ...
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