STOPzilla – Good Or Bad?

STOPzilla are without a doubt one of the biggest names in anti spyware and have been on the market for a very long time. Over the years they have offered one of the most effective anti spyware and anti malware solutions around and have protected millions of computers.

Many of you will be aware that STOPzilla have also received a lot of bad press. A lot of reviews have made claims that their software is ineffective and does more harm than good. There have also been claims that their marketing tactics have been unethical. Let’s clear these two rumours up right now.

Firstly the claims of doing more bad than good originated from earlier versions of STOPzilla which detected a few ‘false positives’. These were essentially clean files that STOPzilla reported as infected. This is a common scenario with a lot of anti virus and anti malware solutions and does happen due to over sensitive heuristics and vendors falsely reporting files as infected. The later versions of the program fixed this issue.

Secondly the unethical marketing tactics were not conducted by STOPzilla but by some affiliates. The most common one being malware infections that would redirect to STOPzilla’s website to download and buy it to fix the infections! STOPzilla quickly put a stop to this and banned all affiliates performing these kinds of marketing tactics.

The bottom line is that STOPzilla is a very effective anti spyware solution; its real time protection engine offers constant security against all forms of adware, spyware and malware. Regardless off the wild rumours the software itself is used worldwide and protects millions of computers.

Several tests that were performed with STOPzilla showed that its detection rate was very high in comparison to other anti spyware solutions. With very frequent updates it is able to stay ahead of the latest forms of spyware and malware. For spyware and malware that have just been created it also uses a heuristics system to look for suspicious behaviour in files and stop them from executing malware ridden code. These kinds of features earned STOPzilla a ‘recommend download’ award from Cnet.

The real time protection however is the most exclusive feature to STOPzilla and means that you don’t have to worry about running a scan every few days or weeks. Instead the program will scan every single file that passes in and out of your computer and scan it for spyware and malware. This means that no file can be executed and no system setting can be changed until STOPzilla has allowed it to do so.

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