Remove Safekeeper Malware – Get Rid Of Malicious Software From Your Computer Now

Weather you know it or not, every time your computer starts up there are programs that run in the background and start up without your knowledge every time your computer comes up. Even though many of these programs are often times necessary to run your PC, sometimes it helps to turn a few of these things off to help increase your computers performance. But beneficial programs are not the only things that start up when you boot up your computer. Sometimes, if you are infected with a virus or a malware, they too will come up when your PC reboots so that they can run in the background without you even knowing they are there until you start noticing some of the tell tale signs that something is wrong.

Safekeeper is one such malware. Disguised to look and act as if it’s really a beneficial antispyware program, this malicious software is actually built to cause so many problems on your PC and give you false warnings that there are other malicious files on your PC till you purchase and activate the program. The only difference is if you do purchase and activate the program, instead of your computer being protected; it will just keep telling you the same thing and causing the same problems and you need to remove safekeeper from your computer fast.

Safekeeper gets on your PC in one of two ways, either pretending that it is an update for a commonly used program called Flash or even a necessary program to watch videos online. Either way, if you agree to install the updates you will instead get the Safekeeper malware. Also during installation there will be several small, harmless files placed in your operating system.

The next time you reboot your computer the malware will start up and pretend to begin scanning your PC for malicious programs. This is where those earlier installed files come in. The malware software picks them up and tell you they are viruses. There are other files it will find, but those are necessary program files on your computer and to prevent this you need to remove safekeeper from your PC.

To try to make it sound as if things are much worse than they really are, safekeeper will also give you an endless stream of pop up messages warning you that your computer has been compromised in some way.

All of these tactics are used to deceive you into believing that your PC has a serious security problem as well as the trustworthiness of the safekeeper software. All of these problems plus many more can easily be stopped dead by downloading a system and registry scanner to get rid of the hassle of fake scans or constant pop up messages. With your computer protected, you will no longer have to worry about malicious programs. If your computer has suddenly slowed right down or is generating warning messages you are not sure about download and run a system and registry scanner and protect it now.

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