How Secure Is Windows 8?

Windows 8 has recently come out with a software upgrade including the latest technological advancements and security features. The best feature is that of embedded security for hardware and integration of a complete security suite for the OS. As a user, you will be glad to discover signed apps, secure boot, authentication features and many more security features that are a part of Windows 8.

Let us find out more about these security features and discover how secure the new Windows 8 is.

Secure Boot software

The Secure Boot is designed to protect your system from the primary level of hacking. Hackers initially target bootloaders and rootkits. Secure boot rechecks the entire file before loading it during the booting process to ensure that these files are free of any malware, infection and that they have not been tampered with. For example, if there is an issue with the bootloader and it infected then during the booting process Secure Boot will restore your system and the system attack might be thwarted.

Inbuilt Windows Security program

As soon as you start running Windows 8 on your system the Windows Defender (inbuilt-antivirus) will be enabled. This anti-virus program pre-loaded in the software by default and is enabled while starting up. This means that you already have the much required security. You still have the option of uninstalling it or disabling this security program if you want. Remember, if you are installing any other security suite then you need to disable the previous one first.

Early malware detection software

Windows 8 lays great emphasis on security. No matter which antivirus software you have installed on your system, its early detection security software will be the first to begin with along with the booting process. The feature of ELAM (Early Launch Anti-Malware) ensures that the initial driver to load on the system is a software driver from the anti-malware program. This way the software drivers are approved through ELAM to ensure the proper working of the system. All this is made possible by the new changes that are a part of Windows 8.

SmartScreen was earlier an IE feature for providing security to users while browsing. Now this feature is added to Windows 8. The advantage of having this added feature is that after downloading a file, this program filters it for its popularity rating. This way the software is able to detect potential malware. If you download a low rated file on your system then SmartScreen will flash a warning alert on the screen.

Other password options

Windows 8 includes an added feature of Picture passwords. This feature allows the user to choose a specific picture from image library and create gestures that will combine straight lines, circles or taps combinations for setting a unique password. You can also choose to switch this with PIN authentication if you so prefer.

Improvements for Enterprise Security

The earlier versions of Windows user could define admin rights for accessing the files and folders according to number of users and groups. Windows 8 DAC is a feature that has a pre-defined functionality for the admin to access all the available data stored on the Active Directory. Now an admin can define rules for access control, login method including the location. For example if a category of private is defined for a specific set of documents that can only be viewed by marketing team then the admin has the right to make it accessible to marketing people only. This is how the access control rule works in relation to marketing.

Security for your App

The AppContainer is yet another addition to the security feature in Windows 8. This feature is useful for providing selective actions to the apps that you download on your system. This will protect the system from issues that might occur in the OS. You can also find the app on Windows 8 app store.

Complete data security

An added security feature by Windows 8 in relation to hardware security is yet another security measure by Microsoft. The drives will be self-encrypted, due to which systems will definitely be more secure. Now the data on your drive will be protected right from the outset and you need not worry about data security anymore.

After reading about how the new Windows 8 comes with inbuilt security features it is needless to say that it will surely be the most secure Microsoft enabled system till date.

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