Ericom and the Remote Cloud Database

The main objective of instituting remote control software features would be to facilitate access to a personal computer’s desktop. There are a myriad of such software solutions which make it possible to achieve it. Remote access technology has made it so easy to implement such solutions in such a way that different vendors can do it perfectly. The main issue with remote access software technology is to do with flexibility. You can only employ successful use of remote access tools by installing the relevant software on your server.

The server computer would the one to be accessed from remote locations by your clients. In such a case, you would be required to install individual applications to each of your client’s computer. However, this may not work with all your clients. Some of them like the cyber cafes may allow the installation of extra applications on their computers. Their reluctance would be based on protecting their systems from malware attacks in addition to preventing spread of viruses. Many vendors, however, would allow you to link your desktop with remote software tools through one common web browser.

Different remote software customers do not necessarily run on a common operating system. The convenience of AccessNow tool does not require installation of any software and eliminates issues to do with compatibility. In such a case, the remote access software customer employs the use of several web based platforms to link to your desktop and lets you have full control over it. These may include HTML5, Flash and JavaScript. When Ericom launched the AccessNow tool, many things have been simplified for users.

Users are able send data from remote computers to a specific gateway. The gateway decodes these data and converts them to a different format known as Canvas. Since Canvas format is available in HTML5 browsers which in turn allows pixel details to be manipulated through JavaScript. This facilitates dynamic browser rendering of graphics. There are other popular applications which use Canvas one of which is “Angry Birds” popular game.

As of now, there are few personal computer clients which make use of remote access application tools in conjunction with HTML5. Industry player opine that the trend is set to change with convenience of using technological features such as AccessNow. As the innovation is relatively new it may not be that perfect. Based on several demonstrations, the technology has however proved to be very reliable and useful. Many vendors offer their clients a free demonstration version of their remote desktop HTML5 so that they may have real-time feel of how it operates. Furthermore, the combination of using Google Chromebooks in conjunction with AccessNow solution allows government institutions to facilitate access from Chromebooks to Windows remote applications. This may include VMware View Virtual desktops.

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