Chlorinated Water – A Cause For Gout

Chlorinated water may develop risks. It was proved that consuming chlorinated water lead to excessive free radical formation that leads to aging acceleration and increases vulnerability to genetic mutation. It may also lead to cancer or it may cause difficulty metabolizing cholesterol. Hardening of arteries can also be promoted by consuming chlorinated water.

A warm shower or a bath in a tub filled with chlorinated water leads to inhales of chloroform. More than that the hot water opens the pores and skin starts acting like a sponge. It is said that in about 10 minutes of a shower in this type of water it is inhaled more chlorine than by drinking eight glasses of the same water. It is also believed to have different effects that are surely not benefic. Specialists say that it can weaken immunity and can irritate the eyes, the sinuses, the throat, the skin and lungs but it can also make the hair and scalp dry, worsening dandruff.

It is also believed that chlorinated water excess free radicals might create dangerous toxins for the human body. More exactly it may lead to liver malfunctions, weakening of the immune system and pre-arteriosclerotic changes in arteries. Excess free radicals are also linked to alternation of cellular DNA. Chlorine also destroys antioxidant vitamin E which is needed to prevent the excess of neutralize radicals for cardiac and anti-cancer protection.

A study that analyzed thousands of cancer deaths in the northern countries of America found that chlorinated water increases the risk of gastrointestinal cancer by 50 to 100 percent during a person’s lifetime.

Later on in order to sustain the previous study another one comes and counts the number of bladder cancer and rectal cancer caused by chlorinated water. From a grand total of more than 10000 cases it was estimated that chlorine accounted for 9 percent of the bladder cancer cases and 18 percent of rectal cancers. Chlorine water is also associated with a high risk of combined cancers. It is proved that chlorine water can cause allergic symptoms ranging from skin rash to intestinal symptoms to arthritis, headaches and much more.

Because it destroys protective acidophilus chlorine is associated with gout symptoms. As it is known chlorine combines with organic impurities in the water to make trihalomethanes or chloramines.

Recent studies discovered a new problem related to chlorinated water. It is a byproduct called MX. Specialists observed in laboratories that MX causes genetic mutations and initiates cancer in laboratory animals. All these problems related to chlorinated water are also related to liver health, cholesterol, insulin resistance, gout or digestive problems.

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