CHFI Certified Professionals: The Detectives of Cyber World

“Electronic money laundering”, “online vandalism, extortion, and terrorism”, “sales and investment frauds”, “online fund transfer frauds”, “email spamming”, “identity theft”, “confidential data stealing”, etc. are some of the terms we come across everyday and they all require no explanation. Internet indisputably has been one of the greatest inventions of mankind, but no progress was ever achieved without hurdles on highways, and same goes for the gift of Kahn and Cerf.

As the number of internet users along with stats of cyber crime continues to grow exponentially day after day, the world faces a shortage of professionals who can keep a check on the online illegal criminal activities. This is where a CHFI comes into play. The EC Council Certified Hacker Forensic Investigators surely enjoy the benefits of a job which makes them the James Bond of the online world.

Let’s have a quick glance on the job responsibilities of a CHFI:

• Complete investigation of cyber crimes, laws overthrown, and study of details required to obtain a search warrant.

• A thorough study of various digital evidences based on the book laws and the category of the crime.

• Recording of the crime scene, collection of all available digital evidences, securing and transporting these evidences for further investigations, and reporting of the entire scene.

• Recovery of deleted or corrupted files, folders, and sometimes entire partitions in any available electronic gadget.

• Using Access Data FTK, Encase Stenography, Steganalysis, as well as image file forensics for investigation.

• Cracking secure passwords with different concepts and password cracks to gain access to password protected directories.

• Investigation of wireless attacks, different website attacks, and tracking emails from suspicious sources to keep a check on email crimes.

Joining the Team with CHFI Course

The EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker Forensic Investigation Course gives candidate the required skills and training to trace and analyze the fingerprints of cyber criminals necessary for his prosecution. The course involves an in-depth knowledge of different software, hardware, and other specialized tactics. Computer Forensics empowers the candidates to investigate and analyze potential legal evidences.

After attaining the official EC Council CHFI Certification, these professionals are eligible to apply in various private as well as government sectors as Computer Forensics Expert.

Gaining the CHFI Certification

After going through a vigorous training of 5 days, the students have to appear for CHFI Exam (Code 312-49) on the sixth day. On qualifying the exam, they are finally awarded with official tag of Computer Forensic Investigator from EC Council.

Is this the right path for me?

If you’re one of those who are always keen to get their hands on latest security softwares, and you have the zeal required to think beyond the conventional logical concepts, this course is certainly for you. Candidates who are already employed in the IT Security field can expect a good raise in their salary after completing the CHFI certification.

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