AV.exe and AVE.exe Removal

If your computer has been running slow and an automatic security scan starts whenever you restart Windows, then you may be infected with the latest variant of the av.exe spyware. This fake anti-spyware program can take on a variety of names depending on what version of Windows your PC is running. Here is a list of the different names it can fall under:

Windows 7: Win 7 AntiMalware 2010, Win 7 Defender Pro, Win 7 Security Tool 2010, Win 7 Smart Security 2010, Total Win 7 Security

Windows Vista: Vista AntiMalware 2010, Vista Defender Pro, Vista Security Tool 2010, Vista Smart Security 2010, Total Vista Security

Windows XP: XP AntiMalware 2010, XP Defender Pro, XP Security Tool 2010, XP Smart Security 2010, Total XP Security

The above are just some of the names this spyware can fall under. No matter what name or interface this spyware becomes, its main malicious executable is named av.exe and ave.exe. Therefore, if you see either av.exe or ave.exe running in your Windows Task Manager, then you know your PC has been infected with this fake program.

Infection with av.exe and ave.exe is spread by malicious websites posing as malware scanner websites. Once you visit these websites, the rogue is installed and av.exe and ave.exe are automatically started to scan your PC. The scan will always return with a list of fake infections; this report is used to scare you into purchasing a full version of the fake program associated with av.exe / ave.exe. Do not fall for this scam. Most users find it difficult to find removal instructions for the av.exe / ave.exe spyware since it falls under so many names.

Simply stopping av.exe and ave.exe will not remove the associated spyware. A manual removal of the associated files and registry keys are required for a successful removal. However, manual removal is only recommended for users familiar with using the Windows registry editor. Automatic removal with a spyware remover program is recommended for a quick, safe av.exe and ave.exe spyware removal. An added benefit of using a spyware remover program is that it serves a dual purpose by functioning as a spyware blocker.

Do not wait for your system to be further compromised, Remove AVE.exe Now! Once your computer is infected with this spyware it is crucial to remove it as soon as possible.

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